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MET office urges the public to be on the alert as 19F depression is approaching slowly

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 05/04/2017

Metrological office urges the public to be prepared despite seeing and experiencing no sign of strong winds.

Tropical Depression 19F moved close to the two Niuas.

Senior Forecaster Laitia Fifita says it lies to south east of Niuatoputapu and West of Neiafu.

The depression moves at a speed of 20 kilometer or 11 n miles per hour.

A strong wind warning is now enforced for the two Niuas Tongatapu and Eua.

A strong wind warning remains in force for the eastern coastal waters for all of Tonga with heavy damaging swell.

The depression was formed in Samoa’s coastal area and it is not connected to cyclone Debbie which caused flooding in New Zealand and Australia last week.

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