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Number of households in the outer islands dropped in the 2016 Census Population

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 07/04/2017


The 2016 Census Population showed a slight drop in the total number of households in Tonga especially in the islands of Vava’u, Ha’apai and the two Niuas.


Government Statistician – Viliami Fifita said, the main reason is people migrating to overseas countries and never return.


This also includes the rural urban drift movement where people from the outer islands move to Tongatapu for education and employment.


In the 2011 Population census, the island of Vava’u recorded a drop of 101 households.


Ha’apai households decreased by 77 households from 1258 in 2011 and the two Niuas was 282 in 2011 but 273 in 2016.


On the other hand, Tongatapu increased with 143 households and ‘Eua with 23.


The 2016 Population census was the first time ever for Tonga to record a decline in the population with more than 2000 people.


It also recorded more females than males.


The census was conducted by more than 500 remunerators and 2 experts from the Pacific Community – SPC.


The final report on the census will be officially released next month.


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