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Some whales meat is not fit for consumption

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 10/04/2017


Scientists have proved that meats from two types of whales are not fit for consumption. The two types are sperm whale and minces, and are known to widely travel around the world including Tonga.


Minister of Fisheries – Hon. Semisi Fakahau said this was the result of a research carried out by scientists from Japan and the US.


He said the meat of these two particular whales can cause diseases to the human body.


Sighting of these two types, minces and sperm whale were made in Kolonga’s near shore waters in 2015, but they travel around  Tonga’s waters when whales migrate from the north to the southern hemisphere for mating.


The most common type is the humpback which draws watchers and swimmers from various parts of the world to Vava’u for the Whale Watching business.


Since 1978, the consumption of whale was banned in Tonga but the whale watching business is now thriving.


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