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Government believes some Chinese might be hiring hit men to hit their rivals

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 12/04/2017

It is believed some Chinese businesses in Tonga hired their own hit men to harm their rivals. This is according to the Honourable Prime Minister – ‘Akilisi Pohiva in an interview with NZ Media.

The Prime Minister ‘Akilisi Pohiva says he forgot to inform the Chinese Ambassador – His Excellency Huang Huaguang on the issue in a meeting last month.

This was because it was raised to him by the Minister of Police and Fire Department after the meeting.

The Prime Minister said, there is zero tolerance to those committing crimes targeting the Chinese.

After that the Ambassador says he’s happy with the Prime Minister’s remarks but the Chinese community in Tonga still faced many challenges and difficulties.

Many brutal cases against the Chinese in Tonga remain unsolved.

The Prime Minister also apologized to the Ambassador after proving that some Chinese has become victims of crimes.

He says these behaviour of minorities of Tongans shows disrespect and not appreciating China’s assistance and aid to Tonga.

The Government also says they are happy to work closely with Police to create safer environment for the Chinese in Tonga.

The Government has set up a subcommittee chaired by the Minister of Justice Hon. Vuna Fa’otusia and also includes Minister of Police and others to follow up on the crimes committed towards the Chinese community in Tonga.

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