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Thousands of Tongans in Auckland prepare for Cyclone Cook approaching the country

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 13/04/2017

Thousands of Tongan people in Auckland, New Zealand are preparing for the approach of Cyclone Cook this evening.

Sini Latu in Auckland says some places are already flooded with the heavy rain BUT Tongans were preparing since New Zealand’s MET office made their warnings regarding cyclone.

“Cyclone Cook will be here at 6 pm, the authority’s have put out safety plans and has advised people to take safety plans at the  Bay of Plenty, Waiheke island and other Places, There has been warnings and advises to people to  move to higher places. There are plans if the winds are stronger the Harbor Bridge might be closed. There are erosions, and Red Cross is on standby to help people to make evacuations and to move to higher grounds.  The authorities are warning people to make wise plans of the busiest time at moment, some places are delightful and that is the news I can provide you right now with”, says Sini.

Meantime a report from a Tongan in Bay of Plenty says they are doing fine at the moment but same areas are flooded from the rain since last week.

Cyclone Cook killed one local in New Caledonia.

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