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What3words launched in Tonga today

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 13/04/2017

Today marks the launching of the what-3-words new postal address for mail deliveries in Tonga with the first ever deliverance of mail to the first home in Tonga with the 3 words home address.

This will become the new address to be used throughout the Kingdom where three words will be used as the address with the previous postal addresses no longer needed.

‘Aisea ‘Aholelei – Tonga Post Marketing Manager told Radio Tonga News each home  will have their three words address provided in the www.what-3-words website.

He says, once the customer downloaded the apps, ten – addresses will be provided and they have to pick one.

Once they pick one,it will be registered in Tonga Post computerized system.

When a mail is received from overseas with that 3 words address – they will no doubt have the exact location of that home and they will deliver the mail in a door to door service.

He says this is helpful to them especially that not all roads and streets in Tonga are registered or named.

Despite this is new but everyone will adapt to the new change soon enough.

Public are welcomed to query the new service to Tonga Post at Telephone numbers 21700 or 21701.

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