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Police charged more than 30 people last night in relation to licensed plate number

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 13/04/2017

Police traffic routine patrols are struggling to read the licensed plate numbers vehicles due to extra decorations on plates.

They include advertisements written on the plate and extra names written on the numbers.

This follows more than 30 people charged last night by Police in relation to these offences in the Nuku’alofa area only.

A spokesperson for Police said, this is not a new Regulation enforced but people sometimes do not follow it.

The proper way for the licensed plate number is to be written in black and white on the plate numbers and the word TONGA at the bottom of the plate

The numbers must be printed clearly on the plates for example, if it’s a private vehicle it should be written C 1234 with the word Tonga at the bottom.

It is illegal to add extra decorations or colors to the words or the plates.

HOWEVER there are special fees for WORDS to be written on the plate numbers BUT it should be clear normal font.

Police said, the driver should know the law and regulations for driving and the registered plate numbers once they’re processed by the Ministry of Infrastructure.

Police are urging the public to avoid these offenses and follow the regulations and laws closely to avoid charges.

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