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Financial statement submitted from ex students in New Zealand to Mailefihi Siuilikutapu College

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 18/04/2017

Information from Mailefihi and Siuilikutapu College says they’ve received the financial statement from ex students in New Zealand for the school brass band fundraising last year.

The submission from the ex-students association of NZ was made by President by Mele SuipiLatu.

The statement came after the New Zealand association was told to forget about the money and keep it as it has taken a long time for them to receive it to start the preparation for the school’s anniversary.

According to information from the school TOP$300,000 only is made available in the statement for the school out of more than TOP$600,000 collected from the fundraising.

Mele Suipi earlier told a news media in New Zealand that TOP$200,000 will be deducted from the total amount as donation by the NZ alumina to the school on the day of the anniversary celebration. However, the amount given in the statement which is TOP$300,000 is still to be decided by the leaders of the school whether they will accept it or not.

The sum of money was aimed to renovate buildings and fund the preparations for the 70th anniversary of the school in June.

Fundraising by local schools abroad is known to be highly supported by their respective ex students and the proceeds always or most often goes to that school.

This is the first occasion where an ex student’s association overseas takes their share first from the efforts made by current students from donations and assistance of churches, relatives and friends.

The New Zealand Ex students association was responsible for sponsoring and organizing the band’s trip but the locals met their travel expenses.

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