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Air Terminal Service denies favouritism that left two passengers behind in January

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 18/04/2017

Air terminal service general manger Paul Karalus says the grandchild and her grandmother who complained about favouritism on their treatment by ATS released by TNews of   New Zealand, was untrue and groundless.

Paul Karalus saud the duo were late to their check -in time at the airport when they were supposed to return to Auckland last January.

He said footage from the airports surveillance camera was not in line with the information given by TNEWS in New Zealand, saying his staff were showing favour when they first treated people who were behind them in the que while serving customers

Alilia Taani the granddaughter in Auckland told TNEWS that ATS staff served someone behind them before telling them the counter has closed service and they couldn’t make it on that day’s flight.

Paul says the person called by the counter from behind the duo, was already served and waiting for her passport to be given as it was on process to New Zealand Immigration to confirm that she  enter  New Zealand.

Alilia claimed she was at the airport around mid day but Paul says she was waiting for her food carton to be cleared by quarantine officials and they knew this from the footage of the camera.

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