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Further reduction prices of petroleum products as from today

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 18/04/2017

Prices for petroleum products, diesel, petrol and kerosene decrease as from today and runs through to May this year.

Wholesale prices for Kerosene and diesel are decreased by nearly 6 seniti per litre .

Petrol price records the largest drop by nearly 8 seniti per litre.

The retail price for petrol is TOP$2.48 seniti per litre, TOP$2.46 for diesel and Kerosene is TOP$1.67 per litre.

The competent authority who sets the prices on a monthly basis says all the price changes include consumption tax.

The changes in the prices for April – May 2017 are attributed to the crude oil prices which fell in March with rising stocks particularly in US and China, along with the impact of regional refinery maintenance depressing prices.

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