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Vaini residents are greeted to Lord Ma’afu

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 20/04/2017

Residents of Vainii are being welcomed by their estate holder and noble Lord Ma’afu to the first activity of the village’s week festival.

A prayer service led by Rev Kainga Hia of the Church of Tonga with church leaders joining the occasion kicked off the celebration.

They laid wreaths at Lo’amanu cemetery in memory of their loved ones who are now on the other side waiting for the opening day.

A luncheon hosted by the residents of blocks 1 and 2 of Vaini, at the Free Wesleyan Church Hall.

The program is also welcoming visitors from abroad.

The celebration of Vaini Day will continue tomorrow with a prayer service, luncheon with entertainments.

A sports competition will be held on Saturday with a choral night on Sunday.

Rev. Mele Mausia resident minister of FWC of Vaini will host the prayer session tomorrow.

Lord Ma’afu Estate Holder is the head of Ha’a Havea Lahi.

The first Ma’afu Tukui’aulahi’s daughter, Hoamofaleono married Tupouto’a, the parents of King George Tupou 1.

In Queen Salote Tupou 3’s poetry she declared on her Niuafoou Lakalaka that Ha’a Havea is the prop to my stay referring to the achievements of King George Tupou 1st and his descendant’s achievements – the Tupou Dynasty.

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