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Removal of asbestos at Prince Wellington Ngu Hospital to complete this week

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 19/04/2017

It is expected the removal of asbestos from Prince Wellington Ngu hospital in Vava’u will be completed this week with about 90 percent of the work already completed.

A spokesperson for MEIDECC in Vava’u said, most of the asbestos removed are already laid, piled and buried at the Kalaka dumping site.

It is covered four times and tagged TOXIC rubbish, there’s also a watchman on the area to ensure no trespassing with a sign BUT some of the locals are still visiting this area non stop without knowing the negative impacts and its risks.

Asbestos is a toxic chemical that can harm human lives and causes cancer.

Officials have distributed warnings to the people to be more aware of the risks and dangers involved and authorities can charge anyone visiting this prohibited place.

The removal of asbestos are carried out by foreign expert.

The Ministry is yet to identify any complaints from the public regarding asbestos BUT the issue is raised on social media with some members concerned with their health during the removal process.

More than 10 people are conducting the removal project.

It started last month with the estimated cost of more than 200 thousand pa’anga.

Once the removal is completed staff from the Tonga Power limited will install solar grid panels at Prince Wellington Ngu Hospital to be marked during the Festive season in July.

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