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Hon. Siaosi Sovaleni launched Tonga’s Marine Monitoring boat

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 19/04/2017

Deputy Prime Minister, Hon Siaosi Sovaleni launched the Tonga Ridge To Reef Project (R2R) Marine Monitoring boat at the Faua Wharf at Ma’ufanga yesterday.

Project manager -Tahirih Hokafonu said the boat will assist greatly with the efforts in monitoring the marine ecological health to inform decision-makers of the reality of our natural resources in Tonga.

The big issue faced by our coastal areas is from human pollution were people polluting the coastal areas with all kinds of wastes.

“This survey that we’ll be liaising together with regards to observing specific diameters   of the environment such as the water quality the well being of the marine species also looking at the chemical presence in the sediments or the soil those are all the elements that they look into during the marine monitoring because it will involve diving and picking samples and water drift to see the current health of the environment”, says Tahirih.

She said since 2015 they’ve removed up to 600 tonnes of waste from major coastal areas HOWEVER when they return, the people are continuing littering on the same area.

“In the past 2 years and a half this project vouch for identify what’s happening on the Fanga’uta Area or the catchments due to our increasing population , our management of waste of our own personal waste at our own homes and how we deal with it has not improved because we have people migrating from this side and the knowledge of this area needs to be further developed so we see more of the increasing waste choking the environment where the lagoon that used to be blueish in the past is now more green because of the increase nitrogen intake”

The estimated cost for the 6 meters marine boat together with its resources is about TOP$100,000 proudly funded by Global Environmental Facility GEF in collaboration with the government of Tonga.

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