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Consultation on the convention on the rights of persons with Disability continued this morning to the Western District

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 21/04/2017

Consultation on the importance for Tonga to sign the Convention on the rights of persons with Disabilities continued this morning to Nukunuku for the people in the Western District.

This is to ensure that the public are well aware of the convention and the benefits that will be received by those living with disabilities in Tonga.

This convention according to Lu’isa Manuofetoa of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, prioritizes the importance for people living with disabilities to access the same opportunities received by those that are not living with disabilities in all aspects of life.

This includes the education sector, workplaces, living in the community and others.

Speaking during the program the president of the Naunau ‘Alamaite Tonga – Rhem Misa says, most of the times they feel left out, but after these consultations they appreciate the love and care shown from the public and authorities.

Include in this morning’s program were songs performed by those living with disabilities.

This morning’s program started with a prayer service led by the Church Superintendent of Nukunuku – Rev. Taniela Manu, representative from related government Ministries, those living with disabilities and many people of the Western District.

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