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Outlying islands in Vava’u more attractive and appealing to tourists of PAUL GAGUIN Cruise ship

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 24/04/2017

The tour around the outlying islands in Vava’u including ‘Anapekepeka and Mo’ungalafa were amongst the attractive sites for tourists of PAUL GAGUIN cruise ship that docked at Puatalefusi wharf today.

Filomena Hansen Radio Tonga’s correspondent on the island said 315 passengers arrived this morning and were welcomed with traditional dances from Hosea Christian School.

Women were selling their handicrafts and other stuff at the wharf.

Despite the cultural tour and feast at ‘Ene’io and Tongan Beach Resorts, the small outlying islands in Vava’u were the most attractive sites for these tourists.

The tour of the small islands was organized for the tourists to travel to and return before the cruise liner departed.

The Bahamas Cruise ship departed Vava’u for Savusavu, Fiji this afternoon.

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