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16 people diagnosed with typhoid to date

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 02/05/2017

The Ministry of Health has reported a total of 16 typhoid cases to date.

Majority of the patients are women and children.

The recent cases recorded were two patients from Lapaha but temporarily stayed at Ma’ufanga for work.

This led to temporary shutdown of the bakery and shop in the area.

A month ban is already made effective for both villages of Lapaha and Ma’ufanga and this includes ban in public preparation of food, kava drinking, to name a few.

This has affected businesses in the area but they have to conform for the best interest of everyone.

Information from the Ministry of Health says due to the size of the village only part of Ma’ufanga is  banned particularly the Ha’amoko area while other parts of the village is free.

Other new cases recorded were patients from Nukuhetulu and Folaha.

Health Ministry says the youngest to be diagnosed with typhoid this year – is a 5 year old and the eldest is a 65 year old.

About 16 patients who sought medical assistance in an early stage have been treated and are in stable conditions.

The Ministry of Health is urging public to be more cautious to reduce risks of being contracted with typhoid.

People who feel they have the symptoms are advised to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

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