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Tonga Police Women Advisory Network 7th conference underway in Nuku’alofa

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 03/05/2017

It is vital to empower Police women and female staff of the Tonga Police with the theme for the Tonga Police by the Tonga Police.

This is the main purpose of the 7th Tonga Police Women Advisory Network conference held this morning.

Opening the Conference the Police Commissioner – Stephen Caldwell said Police officers are facing challenges that are dangerous everyday and is therefore vital to ensure each police officer know their duties in trying to protect the people lives.

“If we are fully engaged with the community are professional, know your job and do our job in an ethical professional, fair and caring manner we will be in a better position to meet the challenges ahead. Know the law and exercise your powers with discretion and common sense. Tonga Police today out of a total of 435 sworn and administrative members there are 116 women , 14 of whom non sworn who make up of 25 percent of Tonga Police. Your strength lies in its strong representation at the Executive and senior management level and the highest ranking woman in Deputy Commissioner. .. There are 13 women who currently head different units of Tonga Police”, says Stephen Caldwell.

This conference will address the issues that are affecting women in the Tonga Police such as sexual harassment, professional appearance and behavior.

It is understood that the issue is happening at the Tonga Police but some are scared to report it due to ranking and authorities, scared of losing her job and scared of being mocked at work.

HOWEVER there’s hope this issue will be addressed appropriately to ensure women are well protected while working at the Tonga Police.

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