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Former CEO of TCC suing the company for terminating his employment contract

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 04/05/2017

Former CEO of Tonga Communication Corporation is suing the company for wrongful dismissal.

Rizvi Jurangpathy, claims a breach of natural justice, failure to take into account relevant factors and considering irrelevant factors, irrationality and breach of mutual trust, confidence and good faith and injurious falsehood and emotional distress.

This comes after Chairman of the Information Communication and Technology Board Tapu Panuve informed him that his employment contract has been terminated.

A letter from Panuve to Jurangpathy was dated to April 21st 2017

The claims are in court but the termination of his contract comes after he was suspended with pay on July 2016.

Panuve’s letter states the termination of the contract pursuant to the clause of the contract which states – TCC can terminate the contract without any notice at any time provided that TCC pays 3 months’ salary to the employee unless the contract is terminated because of the dishonesty or gross misconduct.

In the letter, Panuve states that the board found Jurangpathy acted with gross misconduct and not paying the benefit.

He also says the decision was upon an internal investigation by directors together with a petition from the staff.

Jurangpathy is directed by the board to pay back the bonus payment he received from the profit earned by the company

He is to vacate the company’s properties at Tofoa within 7 days from the date he received the letter.

The details of the allegations are not released, because this case is before court.

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