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Lack of appropriate facilities in infrastructure, transportation and schools are challenges faced by people with disabilities in Tonga

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 09/05/2017


Lack of appropriate facilities in Infrastructure, transportation, schools and mobility are major issues faced by people living with disabilities in Tonga.


CEO of Infrastructure – ‘Ana Bing Fonua said there’s a need to address these issues to cater for the basic needs of people living with disability as they will help with the development of the nation.


She said the standard of infrastructure is not at a satisfactory condition in Tonga.


People living with disabilities in Tonga are facing difficulties in looking for jobs.


More than 6thousand people are identified as disability in Tonga including those whom were born with it, diabetic people who ended up losing their foot and must use wheelchairs, people facing difficulties after major accidents , elderlies., to name a few.


HOWEVER, there’s hope the Community based rehabilitation workshop underway in Nuku’alofa will help Tonga form national plan to protect the people living with disabilities and empower them to actively participate in developing the nation.


Expert from the World Health Organization – WHO is currently in Nuku’alofa, together with experts from the Region and related stakeholders to find ways to improve the lives of people with disabilities in Tonga.

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