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Internal affairs wishes to strike a deal with town and district officers to assure they’re picking the best temporary hired workers

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 09/05/2017


Majority of the unemployed people in Tonga are in their twenties.


This is believed to be the age group that causes headaches for the managers of the RSE scheme both in Australia and New Zealand who repeatedly commit offences that disrupt the smooth running of the program.


More than 20 young men were returned to Tonga for drinking alcohol and disrupting neighbors, runaway on farmer’s vehicle and other misbehaviors.


This also included the latest disappearance of a young Tongan man upon arrival in New Zealand at the Airport.


He is still at large and nowhere to be found.


CEO of Internal Affairs Ministry Ana Bing Fonua says they are working to make sure the appointees for the scheme is the suitable person picked by Town and District officers.


The application for the scheme requires the signature of the Town and District officers that will endorse the applicants from certain villages.


Ana adds the Ministry wishes to reduce the number of unemployed people by including more names on the scheme but it’s been proven that this is where the problem lies.


Government is reminding fruit pickers that the opportunities are only temporal and they are for the benefit of their families and the country in general.


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