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Police reaffirm their public role through “open day” presentations with people

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 09/05/2017


Tonga Police continue their efforts to inform public well on their roles and responsibilities.


They not only operate from their offices but they also reach out to the public through several community programs.


This morning the Minister of Police – Hon Mateni Tapueluelu marked Tonga Police OPEN DAY at Tatakamotonga.


Speaking to Radio and Television Tonga News – Inspector Linda Motu’apuaka said they hope to continue and effectively build trust between police and the public.


She added they’re looking at various ways and means of solving problems associated with youth criminal offences.


It is understood that many young people commit offences to make a living.  Motu’apuaka said it is vital that stakeholders get together and help as well as design ways of helping young people in need both physically and mentally.


During the program Police units elaborated their roles through live presentations by the Professional Standard Unit – who look after complaints against Police Officers.


Others included the Family Protection Act, the Dog Section, and Tonga Police Priorities.


Attending the Open day program was he Australian High Commissioner – His Excellency Andrew Ford, Senior Police officers, students and many guests.


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