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Two Niuas residents are safe while Cyclone Ella moves away from the island

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 11/05/2017


Despite the heavy rain in the two Niuas reports says they are safe and sound while Cyclone Ella continues its path away from Niuatoputapu.


The only impact inflicted was on fruit trees, mainly breadfruits.


Viliami Falevai the government representative at Niuafoou says the National Emergency Management Office NEMO called to alert the residents of the cyclone.


He went out to meet town officers of Petani to Esia informing them of preparations for the oncoming cyclone, but they only felt the heavy rain and strong gusts.


Losaline Pongi Radio Tonga’s correspondent in Niuatoputapu says people on the island were well prepared.


She said they only received heavy rain since Monday as a blessing to the island.


Moleni Tu’uholoaki acting director of Meteorological Office says Cyclone Ella increased its strength to category two.


The closest, cyclone Ella was, to Niuafoou, was 15 kilometers late last night with the strongest side of the cyclone towards Niuatoputapu.


The wind gusted to between 35-40 knots per hour last night in the Niuas.


The Cyclone was cancelled from land areas of Tonga, and is now moving towards Fiji.

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