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People living with disabilities should make the first step


Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 11/05/2017


People living with disabilities should make the first step in coming out from their individual families to actively participate in social activities.


CEO of the Pacific Disability Forum – Setareki Macanawai says this is usually the most difficult move as he was himself a person with disability.


I certainly went through myself and had to accept you are disability when it comes, I think there’s more to that in life to see we are human being, we have a life to live and that they contribute to the societies, taking the first step is usually difficult, taking the first step from home that you got a life to enjoy and there are people willing to help. We need not to shoulder your burden alone, share talk to your parents, sometimes there will be a challenge itself, and they want to protect us all the time but we must remember our parents will move on and we are left to ourselves and if we don’t do anything to help ourselves life in the future will be difficult.  Take the first step of faith … to your family to your society”


In recognition of his achievements in the field of disability, Macanawai received a number of regional and international awards including, the Disability Pasifika Award, by the Pacific Disability Forum, the Regional Rights Resource Team/Secretariat of the Pacific Community SPC to name a few.


World Health Organization’s representative in the Region – Darryl Barrett says the issue is vital as people living with disabilities face many challenges in life.


WHO believes disability poor health outcome… it’s a right issues people with disability face discrimination. Poverty in the developing countries.”


The National Community Based Rehabilitation ended on Tuesday and the sub regional forum started yesterday to be concluded tomorrow.


It is to partnership working with government to ensure that the disability is fully and actively participating in community activities for people living with disabilities need to enjoy life.


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