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Vital to educate youth on ways to be resilient to negative impacts of climate change

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 17/05/2017


There are too many information regarding Tonga’s vulnerability to the negative impacts of climate change, the question is what can youth do to help Tonga be resilient?


This was one of the main reasons for the workshop on climate change resilience at the Anglican Church, Fasi Community this morning.


It is facilitated by Lopeti Faka’osi of the University of the South Pacific – USP. centre ‘Atele.


He said they are working closely with youth members of the church to identify the locations that are worst impacted from climate change and ways to improve the situations.


He added, the facts are already provided about Tonga’s situation on climate change, NOW it’s time for actions.


An active participant from the youth members – Diamond Vea said, he’s very happy to participate and learn more on things he can help the community with.


For instance, disseminate relevant information to the communities on what to do and how to cope with negative impacts for they need to be mindful and skillfull because the youth of today is the future of our nation.


Opening the program was Hon. Fatafehi ‘o Lapaha Filipe and she emphasized the importance for working hand in hand to protect our environment.


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