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Australia funds Plant Nursery for Growers in Vava’u

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 18/05/2017


The Australian High Commissioner to Tonga -H. E Andrew Ford presented a cheque of about TOP 8 thousand pa’anga to the President of Tonga Growers Federation – Too’imoana Takataka this afternoon.


The grant will be used to establish a nursery for the Growers Federation registered in Vava’u.


The nursery will be used for sowing and nurturing commercial crops such sandalwood, vanilla, and vegetable.


A spokesperson for the Federation said, it is estimated that one matures sandalwood tree is worth 10 thousand pa’anga.


The soil in Vava’u is ideal and fertile for Tongan Kava.


The assistance was a request from the Federation to help with the development of the agricultural sector in Tonga.


The expected benefits include increased income, and increase in production. Each grower is expected to have at least 20 sandalwood plants a totaling about 3 thousand by the end of the year.,


About 150 growers in Vava’u will benefit from this assistance.


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