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Estimated Costs for the Pacific Games 2019 from Government, TASANOC and Organizing Committee differs

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 18/05/2017


There is a huge difference between the estimated figures provided by Government for the total cost of the 2019 Pacific Games – and that provided by TASANOC and the Organizing Committee OC.


In a press conference with the Government on Wednesday – Acting Minister of Finance Hon Dr. Pohiva Tu’I’onetoa said the Government is responsible for raising the estimated 140 million pa’anga for hosting the 2019 Pacific Games.


Dr. Pohiva Tu’i’onetoa said the government is confronted on how to raise such funds. He further adds that it is the same tax payers that will be burden with raising the required funds.


He added in the past 6 years audited figures show that Tonga’s deficit was in the millions.


However, in a press conference with Lord Sevele and Lord Vaea yesterday – it was revealed that Government was only required to raise 11 million pa’anga, since donor funding was confirmed to be about $140 million.


This includes 55 million from China and 3 million from NZ.


Five (5) million pa’anga was promised by Australia after and the rest to be collected from exchange levy and departure tax.


Lord Sevele also says a trust account was to be set up to collect foreign donations.


Meanwhile, the Pacific Games Council has called an urgent meeting in Fiji this weekend and will be attended by TASANOC and the Organizing Committee to discuss the future of the 2019 Games.


Recently, Fiji and Samoa have opened up their arms to host the games.


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