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Prime Minister says media took his comment out of context when spoke of Chinese in Tonga


Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 23/05/2017


The Prime Minister – Hon ‘Akilisi Pohiva says media took his comments out of context, when he spoke of the Chinese people in Tonga.


In an press release, the Prime Minister says it is with sincere regrets that such isolated incidents have on a number of occasions, misguided the goodness and close cooperation between the peoples The Tonga and Chinese people.


This comes after his comment in a press conference to media two weeks ago where he was quoted as saying that the Chinese people will rule Tonga because of their hard work.


He says for nearly two decades, the warm relations that Tonga and the People’s Republic of China have shared, continues to flourish and deepens, in every aspect of our development and people to people links and exchanges. We have allot to be proud of, in terms of achievements and challenges that our two peoples have enjoyed, are faced with, and have worked together towards, throughout the years.


The Prime Minister says in future it is with great hope that such incidents will not intend to tarnish the earnest and good relations of the two nations.


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