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Chief justice ruled that Public Service Association PSA and Akilisi Pohiva to receive documents and information from Tongasat and kingdom of Tonga

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 26/05/2017

Chief Justice Owen Paulsen ruled in favour of the Public Service Association and Akilisi Pohiva over Tongasat and kingdom of Tonga.

The ruling was based on claims by PSA and Pohiva at the time when he was not yet Prime Minister, to receive documents and information to pursue a trial over the funds from a Chinese company channelled through Tonga government for Tongasat.

The discovery from the Kingdom of Tonga includes cabinet minutes, cabinet decision for ministerial committees of September 2008 document on decision and recommendation, letters by former Prime Minister, letter of April 18th 2011, financial statement amongst others.

Tongasat is required to provide receipts, payments , expenses and sum owing under agency agreement  for all accounts as from June 30th 1994, all agreements and memorandum of understandings, financial statements, letters and emails for settlement of government ‘s debt by Tongasat.

Chinese Electronic System Engineering Company had an agreement with Tongasat for payment to one of the orbital slots 130 degrees.

The amount totalling more than TOP$25 million was in two instalments, one received in 2008 and the other in 2011.

The Plaintiff claimed the Public Financial Management Act was breached.

The second payment made in May 2011 was more than TOP$18 million and transferred to Tongasat after tax of TOP$500,000 taken by government.

A loan by Tongasat from the Tonga Development Bank was also settled at the time.

Tongasat claims, since it was an independent business organization, the money was for Tongasat, but it wanted the fund to be channelled through government.

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