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His Majesty’s Armed Forces does not tolerate officers who deviate from keeping rules and laws of the ministry

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 26/05/2017

TWO army officers have been dismissed and 2 others were demoted from their ranks following alleged cruel treatment and abuse of some members of the combined recruit 61 that graduated today at Taliai Camp. 

Reliable source had confirmed that some Training officers of the recruit inflicted various kinds of abuse on these recruits including the use of an electronic iron to burn someone’s back.  Wounds were inflicted from the use of a machete, soldiers’ boots and baton as well as verbal threatening of the recruits.

A Press Release from HMAF says this was a breach of Law and they do not support such practice.

The release says one of the parents of the victims filed a complaint last month about his son’s extreme ill treatment with an electric iron.

Military Police of HMAF confirmed after looking into the matter, that the complaint was right and the accused was in breach of HMAF’s Act 1992.

He was guilty of the offence and was therefore dishonourably discharged.

The armed forces regrets that such an incident occurred, but they are ready to punish those responsible for breaching the law.

Speaking exclusively to Radio Tonga News, parents of the abused victims said, their children escaped from the Taliai Camp with other young recruits to Nakolo after the incident, due to the injuries they received.

Some parents said, their children are being traumatized with a trail of fear and mental disturbances. Some of the abused recruits returned to their classes while the few worst affected remain in their homes because their parents wouldn’t let them return.

It is understood this is not the first time such mistreatments take place at HMAF.

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