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Child marriages hinder opportunities for girls

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 02/06/2017

Girls who do not tie the knot at a young age benefit more in life.

Opportunities include, education, employment and healthier lifestyle and living.

The Head of Gender Section of the Commonwealth Secretariat – ‘Amelia Kinahoi Siamomu’a says, a girl should not wed at the age of 15, because she is still a child.

“In terms of possible changes to end child marriage, getting married at the age of 15 is so young, we are cutting short the opportunity for young women to be able to pursue their aspirations in life, to become what they want to be looking in terms of legal reforms, that there could be possible reforms in legislation that’s affecting this other areas of course is really promoting youth, promoting their economic empowerment between gender, there could be much more done in this area” 

The Talitha Project for girls, identified that there is an average of 50 child marriages a year in Tonga.

A campaign is underway to amend the Marriage Act to increase the eligibility age to 18.

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