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Growers might lose their rights to take water from their water wells at their tax allotments

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 06/06/2017


Gro-Fed is creating awareness on the proposed “Water Bill” to advocate Tongan legislators to reconsider the bill in its current form.


If the bill is passed, growers who have invested in water supplies in their own farm properties  will lose their rights to own and take water from their water source.


The bill,  when tabled in the house was deferred by Parliament in 2016 for further public consultation.


Currently around 80 percent of farmers in Tonga are reliant solely on rain water for irrigation.


Gro- Fed said there is much more to be done to improve access to irrigation which will improve the quality of produce, hence more income for Tonga.


It will also help farmers to mitigate against natural disasters such as drought.


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