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Japanese in town to pick 3 eligible candidates for healthier living

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 08/06/2017


A group of Japanese men are currently in town to pick three people to travel to Japan on a healthy living and lifestyle project.


The eligible candidates must weigh over 100kgs and eager to be part of the tough challenge.


The director of the TV Tokyo Corporation – Futaro Koto says, many people in Tonga are diagnosed with obesity and Non- communicable diseases, and they want to promote healthy living.


“I heard the news Tongan is the most country with huge people some politics doing the diet project too, I heard its not working so, Japanese food maybe it can save the people and I thought and yes.”


He adds there’s hope, once the trio return, they adapt to healthy living and lifestyle and to set great examples to the society.


The initiative is Japan’s contribution to boost healthy living in Tonga.


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