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Three issues dominated today’s deliberation in the Legislative Assembly

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 12/06/2017


Three issues which dominated this morning’s deliberations in the Legislative Assembly was the report of the reply from the Legislative Assembly to His Majesty King Tupou VI, no live coverage of the house proceedings by Tonga Broadcasting Commission and government’s withdrawal from hosting the 2019 Pacific games.


His Majesty called on Parliament to work together – KAFATAHA to ensure that all targeted goals are accomplished successfully.


His Majesty while receiving in audience Lord Nuku and Vili Manuopangai the two members selected to submit the official reply to his address, focused on how critical it is for the house to work together in unity.


Vili Hingano told the house that since there are three parties or groups of members in parliament including government, nobles and peoples representatives, it is vital that they work together. .


The issue of TBC not covering live the parliament proceedings was brought up in parliament by Veisova Taka Ha’apai 13 representative, because this is the only broadcasting station that has a nationwide coverage and reaches to the most northern islands of Tonga.


Taka was concerned over the parliament coverage black out could be the result of the so called feud between the Prime Minister and TBC.


But the Minister of Public Enterprises – Hon Poasi Tei said, he will address the issue with the related parties’ then report back to the House.


The deliberations then moved on to the budget estimate which crawled on to the 2019 pacific sports.


The Prime Minister told the house he was adamant that GOVERNMENT STILL STANDs ON its EARLIER DECISION TO WITHDRAW AS HOST NATION.


Lord Tuilakepa argued that the credibility of democracy and current reforms is fake and he alleged that the budget was inaccurate.


He challenged the Prime Minister on why was it easy to call on the people to burn Nuku’alofa but hard to carry out something that will benefit the general public.


Lord Tu’ilakepa questioned the move made by cabinet to repeal the Sports Act for it was parliament that approved that Act and they should return the Act to the house.


Deliberations then continued to the reading of a submission of a resolution by Lord Nuku and Vili Manuopangai Hingano where they called on Parliament to make a decision for Government to reverse its decision.


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