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People of Vava’u complain over prices of goods

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 13/06/2017


Many retail shops in Vava’u are illegally over charging some of their commodities and goods.


Taniela Sila of Revenue and Customs said this was one of the major concerns raised by locals during their training last week.


People were complaining that goods such as chicken should be cheap BUT retail shops are charging their own mark up and it is very expensive.


They’ve also identified that some retailers are practicing favoritism.


Taniela said, they are trying to address the matter now, as national events will take place in Vava’u and it is believed that some retailers will abuse the public and consumers with unnecessary higher   prices.


People of Vava’u also requested if all prices could be controlled by the Competent Authority because the prices of fish and Tongan kava are too high.


A Similar workshop is carried out in the island of Ha’apai.


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