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People of ‘Eua and Tonga Water Board have opposing views on water problems

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 13/06/2017


The People of ‘Eua and Tonga Water Board have opposing views on the quality of water for the people of the island.


The Head of Tonga Water Board in ‘Eua said, their water supply system is CLEAN and safe for consumption and everything is running well.


He assured that the water is not MUDDY and there are no problems at all.


The staff are currently digging two underground water wells to help with water security.


He said, the problem only occurred during the past few years.


HOWEVER, town officer of Ha’atu’a,  Mosa’ati Ma’u said, they’ve been suffering from consuming unclean water for over 30 years now.


He said, when it rains, the water will turn muddy and during drought season, some areas do not have water for almost 6 months.


District officer of ‘Eua – Tuifio Finau agreed and said, they’ve requested the Tonga Water Board to provide them with a filter to test the water with, BUT it was not successful.


He’s thankful to God that they are still alive from consuming unsafe water.


MEANWHILE, Acting CEO of Water Board – Sione Finau strongly opposed the accusation and said, they tested the water supply daily and confirmed it’s clean and safe.


The issue was repeatedly raised during press conferences with the Prime Minister.


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