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TAL denied imposing airport levy charged by Real Tonga on domestic air fares

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 13/06/2017


Tonga Airports Limited denied imposing levy that Real Tonga’s domestic services recently charged on air fares.


From May 15th the airline started collecting TOP$11.50 from every passenger 2 years and above, to and from Tongatapu.


TAL says there is an international policy and regulation that protects the rights of passengers from overcharges amongst others from airlines and airport operators.


General Manager of Real Tonga Tevita Palu earlier told Radio Tonga news the amount collected will be for airport maintenance by TAL.


Viliami Ma’ake the general manager of TAL said they have the authority to impose an airport charge with accompanying methods of collection.


He added that Real Tonga can only adjust airfares instead of imposing fees or domestic tax.


He said Civil Aviation Division, TAL and Real Tonga will look in to the issues.


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