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People of Tongatapu Constituency 1 have opposing views with their parliament representative over the 2019 Pacific games.


Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 14/06/2017


Many residents of Tongatapu Constituency 1 – Kolomotu’a presented a petition to parliament seeking a review of government’s decision to pull out from hosting the pacific sports 2019, headed by the Prime Minister who is their representative to Parliament.


The petition was submitted by Lupe Ha’amoa ‘Ilaiu and was received by Lord Tu’i’afitu on behalf of the Speaker.


Lupe Ha’amoa said the content of the petition details the reasons for their dissatisfaction with government’s decision to withdraw from hosting the games.


Among other reasons, many families have already renovated their houses to be rented to people who will visit Tonga during the event.


This has cost families large amounts of money through loans and other means.


Not only that but the number of young people in the constituency are increasing and they love sports.


The petition also raised their concern over what they described as the the first ever breaching of an international agreement that used the name Tonga and Government of Tonga.  They said it was unfortunate that this breaching of the law was made by their representative to parliament.


This is the first ever petition submitted by the people of Kolomotu’a against their people’s rep to parliament


The petition also stated that there were 3641 registered voters in Tongatapu 1 at the last general election in 2014, but only 1482 voted for Pohiva.


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