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A renowned former Tongan missionary of the LDS Church John Groberg – Kolipoki says Tonga should continue keeping the Sabbath holy

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 16/06/2017


A prominent figure of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Mr John Groberg better known as Kolipoki, says it’s vital that Tongans keep the Sabbath holy for that reflects the real and true image of a Christian society.


Kolipoki told Radio Tonga news that he has seen many changes in Tonga since the time he served as a missionary – but our religious beliefs should remain steadfast and firm.


Remember to keep the Sabbath holy no matter how alluring the things in the world are, don’t get involve. Remember George Tupou 1 said, we can ask help from USA, NZ, Australia but the great help we can get is from God.”


Kolipoki served as a missionary in Ha’apai and Niuatoputapu from 1954 – 57.


He was recalled by the church to Tonga to become President of the mission.


Kolipoki said, he had five daughters but one of the blessings he received while working in Tonga was having a son.


Mata’aho always visited Gene and say you will have a boy while in Tonga and when we had the baby unfortunately he was sick. The doctors in Tonga work so hard but couldn’t handle it. We get him to America but the Tongan people not only members of the church but many others fast and pray for him and we always have great love for the Tongan people”


While in Tonga with his wife Gene, their children and grandchildren they met Her Royal Highness Princess Pilolevu Tuita.


Kolipoki is 83 and is still in good health.


The story of Kolipoki’s mission in Tonga is highlighted by the film “THE OTHER SIDE OF HEAVEN”


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