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Tongatapu 6 received 14 new computers and printers thanks to some of the government’s board


Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 16/06/2017


The estate holder of Houma – Lord Vaea believes PARENTS SHOULD push their children to continue studying despite failures in their exams.


He said they should also be encouraged to have visions and goals to empower them to pursue their studies and aim for excellence.


Lord Vaea  told parents of Tongatapu constituency 6 that if parents carry out well  their roles of educating their children well, then we will help young people flee from  being involved in  breaking the rules, committing offences, rising un employment  and  misbehaviors that disturbs the  communities.


He highlighted this while celebrating 14 new computers and printers from some of government boards to forms 5, 6 and 7 students from Tongatapu 6.


The people’s representative of Tongatapu 6 to Parliament who’s also the Minister of Public Enterprises – Hon. Poase Tei agreed with Lord Vaea.


He said a family, village and a nation that’s dominated with educated people will be a bright environment where people live peacefully, work together to develop sectors that needs help amongst others.


He said, if we have these, all the problems we are facing will be solved but in order to do these we have to push our children to pursue with their studies and they also need to seek the Lord’s help.


These assistance aims at helping student’s researches and homeworks.


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