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70 youth members of the FWC here in Tongatapu to take part in the church’s general conference in Vava’u


Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 19/06/2017


About 70 youth members of the FWC here in Tongatapu will travel to Vava’u to take part in the church’s annual general conference.


The 70 members according to Heamatangi Tu’ivai who will lead the group were picked from 8 districts throughout Tongatapu.


Majority of them are youth Members of Ha’ateiho.


Yesterday, a special program was held at the FWC of Ha’ateiho, to showcase all items that the group will present in Vava’u.


They include songs, action songs, skits and others.


Speaking to Radio and Television Tonga News, Rev. Siosiua Tu’itavuki who will be the Minister in charge of the group says, this is the church and the conference’s move to ensure that young people have Jesus Christ in their lives.


Not only that but to make them feel they are important to the church.


He concluded by saying that they hope, the group will learn a lot while participating and attending the conference and to share that knowledge with others when they return.


The church will fund the travel expenses.


The FWC AGM will start on the 27th which is Tuesday next week.


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