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People of Ha’apai complain over prices of goods and unlicensed businesses

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 20/06/2017


Many people in Ha’apai have voiced their concerns over some people running businesses without licenses.


Concerns were also on   retail shops illegally over raising the price tags for many goods and commodities.


Taniela Sila of Revenue and Customs said, they are trying to address the matter now and ensure that all commodities are controlled by the Competent Authority.


He said, they’ve instructed and trained the public on items that are free of tax such as the fruits imported from abroad.


People also raised their concerns on foreign yachts visiting the island if they are contributing to the economy or not because they are not renting the guest houses.


Taniela said they are gathering all the information and seek ways to address the matter appropriately.


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