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Although cabinet has canceled hosting of 2019 sports, parliament continues deliberating on the issue

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 20/06/2017


In the deliberations of the Committee of the Whole House yesterday afternoon


‘Akosita Lavulavu – the people’s representative of Vava’u 16 proposed to parliament to delay discussion on the parliament resolution because the Sports Legislation is alive and well.


BUT in response the Former Minister of Finance – Dr. ‘Aisake Valu Eke said this was an opportunity from government to the house to discuss the issue before a revised final decision is made.


Dr. Eke told the house that the budget included a sports vote without any knowledge that government will pull out as host.  He added many changes have to be made and this government is dubbed as the government of the people and they should make this happen.


This is the voice of the people who are calling on government and their petition should be prioritized.


Dr. Eke questioned the house to consider what will happen to the young people who could have been employed from their involvement in the sports if Tonga was to host the game.


He also spoke of many investors that will visit and invest in the country if the Sports will be hosted by Tonga – this will help generate increased income to the nation as a whole.


In addition, he said outer islands will have affordable access to watching he games if it is hosted by Tonga.


Dr. Pohiva Tu’i’onetoa – Minister of Revenue and Customs responded saying the facts brought to light by Dr. Eke are true  – but the figures provided by Government are only estimates  with nothing confirmed.


Lord Nuku questioned the reliability of government if it is providing unconfirmed figures.


Dr. Tu’i’onetoa  also referred to the problems faced by PNG, but Lord Tu’ilakepa clarified that PNG’s reported overspending was due to extra construction of dormitories that were not part of the sports plan.

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