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Tapuni Siliva collected more than TOP$43,000 in its 60th anniversary

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 26/06/2017


If teachers committed to their work – students will reap the benefits and will become lights in the nation and their families.


The President of the Free Wesleyan church of Tonga – Rev. Dr. ‘Ahio highlight the issue while leading the Thanksgiving service to mark Tapuni Siliva’s 60th anniversary last Saturday.


Tapuni Siliva was set up in 1957 as a middle school then later to a High School in 1974.


Guests of honor were Hon Fatafehi ‘o Lapaha Tuita Filipe and Hon. Salote Maumautaimi Tuku’aho.


To mark the occasions, heilala trees were planted by the honored guests.


A luncheon followed with traditional dances which managed to collect about TOP$50,000 for the school.


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