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Our nation, our people – Paea Wolgramme’s ultimatum on Pacific Games hosting

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 26/06/2017


Olympic medalist, Paea Wolfgramme is appealing, to Lord Sevele, sports stake holders in Tonga and the Pacific Games council to reconsider their stance on the 2019 sports for the good of the country.


Wolfgramme said that there is a deliberate polarizing of the country in the hope to change the cabinet decision.


He said there is division in Tonga, but what share goes to which side, is unknown. What is known he said, is that our nation is hurting.  A nation divided, is a nation that is broken.


Wolfgramme said he is disturbed that many people hold the view that riches, both material and spiritual will be poured onto our nation if we continue to host the game.  He believes this is naïve, if not spuriously misleading.


He talked about his involvement in Tonga’s host bid effort in 2012 and by 2015 he saw how the country was struggling with its commitment.


He said he supported bringing the sports to Tonga and had sacrificed his career and family to be based in Tonga for this, unfortunately for little reward.


Wolfgramme said what is more important for him is the unity of our country.


He is appealing Lord Sevele and supporters to continue the games in Tonga, to please, accept the cabinet decision and work for our healing and Unity to begin.


He is also appealing to the President of the Pacific Games Council to immediately take the games to another to host.


He apologises for his intrusion and for any unintended offence, and concluded by saying that having been privileged to fight under our flag then you would have heard the phrase “He who serves the country, commits no crime, nation before self”.


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