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Lord Tu’ilakepa asked Prime Minister not to axe contract of 18 laborer’s at the Ministry of Internal Affairs


Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 27/06/2017


Lord Tu’ilakepa pleaded with the Prime Minister in parliament this morning to reconsider the plight of the daily paid laborers of the ministry of Internal Affairs who will be axed by the end of this month, for they are the sole breadwinners of their families.


In response the Prime Minister said there were 18 daily paid laborers altogether and according to a report from his CEO this figure is too many.


He added this has been reviewed and only 8 needs extension of their contracts- while the rest will be terminated but they are allowed to apply to any vacant positions in the Ministry.


Lord Tu’ilakepa then asked the Prime Minister to employ these contract workers at the Popua Park.


But the Prime Minister said, workers at Popua are only inmates and few others.


The Former Minister of Internal Affairs Fe’ao Vakata then said, there might be other chances for these laborers in other Ministries as their families rely on them it is therefore important that the Government take up this issue seriously.


Other issues discussed in Parliament included concern over Tonga Fruit pickers that were returned to Nuku’alofa after the alleged abuse of underage Tongan Girls – but the Prime Minister said Government is addressing that issue.


The House then reverted to the Committee of the Whole House where discussions continued to proposals made by ‘Akosita Lavulavu – people’s representative of Vava’u 16.


She proposed amendments to the contract signed by the Pacific Games Council – TASANOC and Government – for the Council and Tasanoc to provide TOP$200 million to fund the Games.


In response the Prime Minister said these are wonderful ideas – but the Government has made up its mind and nothing can change that.


After further discussions on the motion, it was put to vote.  The first ballot was regarding the petition whether it should be deferred for further discussion by government and 13 members voted against it.


The other issue which referred to government’s response to parliament’s resolution to cancel hosting the games when put to vote, was approved with 13 votes in favor.


The final vote to address the petition from residents of Tongatapu 1 Kolomotu’a and the other from TASANOC and OC was also defeated.


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