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Electricity tariff will decrease effective July 2017

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 28/06/2017


The Electricity tariff will decrease effective next month.


This has resulted in a reduction of diesel prices approved by the Competent Authority from TOP$1.37 to TOP$1.31 at the end of this month.


The net movement in the power tariff has decreased by almost 5 seniti per kilowatt from 86 seniti to 81 seniti per kilowatt.


It is a 5% reduction in tariff.


The Government’s “Life Line Tariff” is still ongoing which allows all residential consumers who use less than 100 units of electricity each month to maintain an Electricity Tariff of 70 seniti per kWh or 11 seniti tariff reduction for the first 100 units (kWh) consumed each month effective from 1st July 2017.


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