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Tongatapu allocated the highest share of the development budget for 2017- 2018

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 30/06/2017


Tongatapu is allocated with the highest development expenditure of TOP$163 million pa’anga, for the 2017-2018.


This expenditure includes Tonga Aviation Investment Project, upgrading of the wharf, road maintenance, upgrading of high and low voltage power in 33 villages, coastal protection and climate resilience, conservation of the Fanga’uta lagoon upgrade of Mata-ki-‘eua and others.


Ha’apai has been allocated TOP$17.4 million pa’anga.


This will fund the installation and repair of solar equipment, installing of water pumps and solar freezer, upgrading of the Ha’apai market, renovation of Justice, Fisheries and Emergency offices.


TOP$11.1 million is being allocated for the Vava’u district.


It will be spent on development projects in the island, road maintenance, upgrading of Ngu Hospital, upgrading of emergency and metrological offices, coastal protection and upgrading of fisheries management areas.


The two Niuas have a TOP$4.6 million share of the budget.


This includes installation of solar home system, water testing and construction of the Niuatoputapu hospital.


The development expenditures for ‘Eua is TOP$2.6 million which will be allocated for road maintenance and installation of solar projects.


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