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King Tupou VI present 21 degrees during Sia’atoutai Theological College graduation


Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 03/07/2017


His Majesty – King Tupou VI was guest of honor at the Graduation ceremony of the Sia’atoutai Theological College this morning at the Laumalie Ma’oni’oni Church in Neiafu.


He presented Certificates in Theology and Pastoral Ministry with honor to 6 students, Diploma in Theology to 9 students and Bachelor of Divinity to 6 students.


He also address the gathering on authorizing the degrees presented.


“To the Honor of our Lord Jesus Christ and for the benefit of our Mother Church and of Learning, I in verge you all the authority of the general conference of the Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga and by the grace of the Sia’atoutai Board of studies, I hereby confer upon you the degrees of Bachelor of Divinity, Diploma in Theology, and Certificate in Theology and Pastoral Ministry with honor, together with all the rights, privileges, there unto and pertaining”


In his annual report as Principal of the Sia’atoutai Theological College,  the General Secretary of the church – Rev. Dr. Tevita Havea said  the conference had approved  that Sunday School should be the foundation of activities to revive and energize the spiritual lives of church members.


This initiative is a move to enable all members of the church to accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior and to grow spiritually from level to level within the church hierarchy.


Hence achieving the overall theme of Holy Spirit renew education.


A gift to mark John Wesley was also presented to the church from the Methodist church of Britain.


The ceremony was attended by Her Majesty the Queen Nanasipau’u, Her Royal Highness Princess Pilolevu Tuita, members of the royal family, and many guests.


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