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Crown Prince launched Prince Wellington Ngu Hospital solar panel

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 05/07/2017


The Prince Wellington Ngu Hospital’s power bill will reduce drastically after launching of its new solar panel, thanks to assistance from the Government of Germany.


The Crown Prince Tupouto’a ‘Ulukalala launched the solar panel on Monday afternoon.


The CEO of Tonga Power Limited – Robert Matthews says this assistance was signed Last October and was installed in the rooftops.


“The total funding of the project from Germany was $100,000EURO which equals to TOP$250, 000. Still, more than 91% of Tonga Power’s overall grid connected electricity demands is supplied from generations fueled by imported diesel and put that in perspective it’s about 13million liters of diesel consumed each year to generate electricity in the Kingdom. On average this hospital pays TOP5000 per month for power in order to provide vital services to the people of Vava’u. The commission of this grid will dramatically increase the reliability on solar and reduce by 40% their power bill.”


The Minister of Health says the hospital was commissioned in 1955, since then a few renovations were made in 1981, but this year marks a huge renovation to the premises.


“The project today of Solar Power or this Hospital will provide more efficient and sustainable power supply to the hospital. Ngu Hosptial is a community based hospital with need to be strengthened in its capacity to be able to provide better clinical care for the people in it outlying station. So it can effectively provide support to health centers, MCH clinics in rural and smaller islands in Vava’u, responsive to community needs and also those with mental stability, to cater for tourists and others who might visit Vava’u as it is the most exotic and safest place to visit in the Pacific.”


The Ambassador Designated of Germany to Tonga H.E Gerhard Thiederman says Germany and Tonga’s friendship started in 1976 and it continues to this day.


“We are not just active on installing this solar rooftop but through our GI – German Intl Cooperation Scheme operating from Fiji we are here with numbers of projects partly finance by the German Government and partly finance by the European Union – EU German taxpayers is also paying a contribution.”


The monthly electricity bill of the hospital is estimated at about $5000 pa’anga per month.


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