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HM’s birthday celebrated yesterday in Neiafu Vava’u

Radio & TV Tonga, Nuku’alofa, 05/07/2017


His majesty’s 58th birthday celebrated yesterday at Laumalie Ma’oni’oni chapel in Neiafu Vava’u


The celebration as customary began with the military parade by His Majesty’s Armed Forces at Fangatongo ground.


His Majesty King Tupou VI inspected his forces.


The royal birthday thanksgiving service held at Laumalie Ma’oni’oni Chapel was led by Royal Chamberlain Rev. Dr. Ahio.


He began his message with a birthday greeting to His Majesty.


“May God grant your Majesty,wisdom  and insight to  oversee what is best for your subjects.  To grant you the things King Solomon, sought not from God, wealth and fame. May the Lord’s blessings grant you the wisdom and knowledge he gave the Apostle Paul for legitimate reasoning and his missionary responsibilities. The world has testified to God’s overwhelming, omnipotent ability as well as his power and might which equal his wisdom. It is therefore our sincere hope and wish that God will richly bless and clothe your Majesty, with that wisdom and knowledge that come only from the everlasting God almighty for those who truly have faith in him.”


Sia’atoutai Theological College’s choir led the choral items during the occasion.


Members of the nobility, cabinet, diplomatic representatives, government officials and church leaders attended the occasion.


Former FWC presidents Rev. Dr. ‘Alifaleti Mone and Rev. Lopeti Taufa assisted the Royal Chamberlain.


The Royal luncheon at Helu o Pilolevu field saw Lord Tuita delivering the welcome address.


“Matangimalie heralded the happy celebration in Neiafu.The holy spirit in the form of a dove had descended upon  his  temple  and the priests praised his glory and their prayers have filled the hearts and minds with grace and mercy.    Our hearts are filled with joy to welcome  your Majesty though we know the sacrifice of  the conference and our  service cannot be compared to  the year’s God has given you but it is our wish that God  will continue to bless and keep you during your  reign Tupou the sixth for many years to come.”


The entertainment during the occasion included Hon Salote Maumautaimi Tuku’aho amongst others


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